Tour Features

Engage your visitors with rich interactive content

Keep your visitors engaged and increase your website conversions with rich content, add

background video, sliders, galleries and animations easily to any part of your website.


Effortlessly add any type of content to your site

From SVG to PDF you can upload and embed just about any type of content you can imagine we support all WordPress content types plus much more.

Add rich audio albums with cover art and the ultimate cleaning guide, insert Google Maps with multiple markers, create image sliders, the list goes on.

Embed PDFs

Embed PDF documents directly into your pages and posts with fully controls, fullscreen viewing and copyright protection.


Add audio players to your site with cover art and controls. Change the colours and styles to match your artwork. Upload your audio files directly to Jhosts or add the URL if it is uploaded elsewhere.


Google Maps

Easily add Google Maps to your posts, pages and portfolio items. Add place markers, titles and descriptions to your maps to create an interactive experience for your users, visit
Create better contact pages, articles and even portfolios with Google Maps.

Add rich audio albums with cover art, insert Google Maps with multiple markers, create image sliders, the list goes on.


Build a full-fledged podcast website by easily adding podcasts to any post and along with your written content and other media.


Add video in many different ways, from directly embedding Youtube, Vimeo and other channels directly into your content by just pasting the URL. To Uploading video directly to your Jhosts site. Even use video as a background.


Make your WordPress website work for you with Jhosts.

Try the Jhosts coverpage plan completely free for 14 days or instantly deploy a personal, business or commerce website today.